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#FridayFeature- Zachary Lopez

Welcome to Feature Friday! This is the section of our site where we get to gather around, learn from one another, create together and get to know each other. For the next couple of months, we will be introducing you to a different person in our region who is involved in making worship happen.


Tell us about yourself!

Yo, my name is Zach!!! My story started in Glendale California, where I was born and both my siblings were born as well. I Grew up in a Godly family with two great parents that were both musical. I joined the vineyard tribe about 10 years in Maine at Pathway Vineyard and I've been a part of a vineyard ever since! I currently live in Buffalo, NY, I'm engaged and looking forward to getting married this summer!!!!

What church do you serve at?

Buffalo Vineyard

In what way do you serve the worship team?

I'm the worship leader, intern. I play Acoustic and Electric guitar, bass, drums, dabble on the keys, and sing.

What is a book that changed your life?

Well seeing as I really don't like reading this is hard but I do have one or two. 1st probably would be “Heroic Leadership” I first read it during my time in Heroic Leadership Institute and it was a real eye opener. 2nd would be “Surprised By Hope!” We read it this summer at a songwriters group in Syracuse and it totally changed my thinking about our call to make all things new.

How did you first meet God?

I didn't have a crazy radical experience and like I said I grew up in a Christian family. I believe I was 4 or 5 when I first accepted Jesus and it really became my own in high school.

Do you write songs? If so, who are your influencers?

I've written a crap ton of songs, both worship and for my own hardcore, pop rock bands. My influences are Aaron Gillespie, Kings Kaleidoscope and Dawes.

What is a worship song that your church is engaging with the most?

Our song this month was O Come to the Altar by Elevation. It just felt like the right song to start off the year and our church has definitely been responding to it.

What is something that you like to do outside of your Church?

I like to explore the many good eateries in Buffalo and going to as many concerts as I can!!!

What aspect of worship ministry gives you the most joy?

I love when it clicks for a newer member. I love getting to be a part of what Gods doing in someone's life whether it's one of my team members or someone in the congregation.

What is the best piece of advice or training event you have ever experienced?

"Live as Loved" - my old pastor Marty Walker Sanctuary church in California. I love because the father first loved me. Taken from an interview Aaron Gillespie was asked about what his calling was: "I just have to make Jesus famous with music and with words. I think for so many years I used my platform for my own gain, and now it's just like a mandate: I must make Jesus famous all over the world. And I think the local church is the best place to start. " -Aaron Gillespie of Underoath

I've taken this this quote on as one of my own. I know that I've struggled with pride and using the stage for myself but as I've grown I've learned that it's all for Jesus. None of my talent is without Him so my call is to make Jesus famous.

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