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The Transfiguration of David Ruis

David Ruis has a lot to say to us about the direction of the church, much less the Vineyard, and the role that worship will play. In this webinar, he calls us to remember our heritage and to re-wrap our arms around the things that animated our unique approach. It's a remembering, as he would say, that is as forward moving as it as past looking.

There were many, many highlights. This webinar was wonderfully dense, full of insight and wisdom that we desperately need. If you didn't get a chance to watch this and digest it, then your opportunity is below. And if you don't know what 'Transfiguration' is all about, watch to the end.

Probably the most profound and clarion call sounded in this webinar was the centrality of Jesus. The presence of Jesus is the Kingdom. That's our heritage and our future. As David says,

"We invite the present rule and reign of Jesus... as we engage the community in worship - love on its knees before her King; we seek first the kingdom, not the establishment of an institution or religious structure."


"We are called to kingdom work, sustained and supported in community; we thrive on the expanding edge of the kingdom not the 'cutting edge' of the church."


As you listen to this webinar again, please ponder how these insights might affect the sung worship in your churches. David has some ideas and they're really good ones. What are some of yours?

(Also: here is the Keynote)


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